tänkte bara kika in och gästblogga lite hos haney :D hon hatar det namnet(a)
vi har varit på stan idag :D hon köpte ett snyggt halsband och en gooooo parfym till sin madre, och jag köpte doft ljus till mamma och blockljus och ljuslykte till farmor :) dom blir nog glada av det, mamma är dock inte hemma förrän ikv, men hon kommer se det då och bli jätteglad:)
hon har en liten förälskelse i doftljus så det blev nog prima :)

här är det jag köpte
<mamma farmor>>
mamma fick bara dom gröna ljusen, men dom är många :)

nu ska jag inte störa längre:)


MTV Shows

like pow pow pow

Vaknade halv/20 i 12, skynda som fan att göra mig i ordning och tog 12 bussen in till stan.
frukost/lunch på SUBWAY, bahahha. Sen möte, SEN förstår ni, blev jag bortskämd som faaaan.
Nya skor, ny väska, en kattleksak som jag jävlas med alla med, sen typ allt jag ville ha.
Tänkte köpa en ny hjälm eftersom NÅGON slarvat bort min. -sofia-
iaf, hitta en svinsnygg! men alla var för små :(




The last line now.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, now I’m all gone, gone, I’m gone.
- Thank you for coming out here tonight, and thanks for all the support. You guys are the best fans ever, I love you all.


I stop for a moment and let my eyes glide over the sea of girls one last time before I get off the stage.
When I come down I meet up with my mom, dad, Scooter and the rest of the crew.
My bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton escort us directly to the car to take us to the hotel.
The concert went well, and it feels great to be back in Canada. But we are unfortunately not in Stratford but in Toronto, which is why we stay in a hotel.

Tomorrow we are going to Sweden for the first time ever, I’m exited!
But right now I’m gonna take a shower, because someone was so kind in the car, they told me I stank. Then I’m gonna go on an exclusive date with the hotel beds big, white, fluffy pillow. The day was long and I’m exhausted.




- Make sure you don’t fall asleep and get burned honey.
I look up to find it was Kimberly who pulled me out of my thoughts, she sits down in the sun chair beside me with a smile on her face.
We are sitting outside in the sun on the lawn at her childhood home in Toronto. Now she lives in Skoghall, Karlstad, in Sweden, where I also live. I could never think a 17 year old girl could be such a close friend with a 32 year old woman, but here we are.

- It’s ok, I was just thinking this was my dream vacation.
- But…? I bit my lip and can’t help noticing the radio is playing my favorite song, wich is, Crawl by Chris Brown.

- Don’t get me wrong, it has been wonderful, and am so greatful you gave me the opportunity to come here, I just wish I could have gone to Justin Biebers concert tonight or just meet him, I say with a smirk.
- Justin, Justin, Justin. Kimberly laughs when she says it.
- No I am just kidding, there will be more chances sweetie, I promise.
We embrace each other in a hug.
- Thanks for being you Kimberly.
- Always been and always will be, but now it’s for the best we go to bed if we are going to get up in time and get ready for the flight back to Sweden tomorrow.






I wake up to a very annoying tingling just between the ribs on the right side, like if someone is picking on me.

I am to tierd to open my eyes and see who or what it is, so I groan and turn around, but the picking continues, exactly on the tattoo on my left hip this time.

- WHAT?!
- Your morning mood has never been particularly good.

- Really, so just leave me alone then!

- Never gonna happen, time to get up and eat some breakfast.
- Mom! What’s the time?
- Way too much, the plane takes off in three hours.
I turn around and look at my mom with the biggest puppy eyes I can come up with right now.
- Can I sleep during the flight?
My mom, Pattie, laughs and smiles.
- How should I be able to stop you? Get up now!

I jump out of bed, wearing shorts and t-shirt and runs in to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get changed. I put on some black jeans and a purple hood.



The plane will take of at 1 PM and it’s now 11.55 AM. We woke up at 8 AM to have time to get ready, pack the last things and say good bye to the whole family of Kimberlys.
There are a lot of hot guys here. Me and Kimberly are standing outside the airport smoking a cigarette, but we are now done so we butts and go inside. We sit down at first best place.
- Isn’t there unusually much people here? When Kimberly says that I look up from my phone and start looking around, there is much people here, I’ve never seen this much people in a airport before. And It’s especially many girls, teen girls to be exact.

- Yeah, I guess there is some kind of celebrity here, like Zac Efron or something, because there are almost just girls. All of the sudden all girls gets crazy, starting to scream really loud, good thing we are of the other side of the local, other wise we both would have been deaf by now.
- Can you hear what they are screaming? I can see how Kimberly listens real hard, trying to figure out what they are yelling about.
- No, all I can hear is “I love you, will you marry me” and stuff like that. We look at etch other and start laughing.
We are talking and talking and all of a sudden it’s time to board the plane. We take our bags and start walking to the gate, we don’t need to look for it because Kimberly has been here a whole lot of times before. When I said we were walking, I lied, in fact we need to almost jog, because we got stuck in our conversation about absolutely nothing in some strange way.



Finally we got away from all the screaming fans, don’t get me wrong, I love my fans, I love all of them, it’s thanks to them I got to where I am today, travelling all over the world.
But when I actually almost just woke up, there is nothing that can get me on a good mood, not even hundreds screaming teen girls, who all got here to just see maybe a little bit, or nothing at all of me. Me, Justin Bieber, I really don’t get what’s so special about me, even though I appreciate it a lot. Thanks to them I got to do what I love, sing and share my music.

I lean back in the chair and put in the headset of my iPod into my ears. First song is Down, by my buddy Jay Sean. I look at my watch on my right arm because I’m left handed, it’s 1.07 PM, weird, we should be up in the air by now.
There’s not much people on, what’s taking so long?! Even though I have music in my ears I can hear someone starts talking. I am very curious so I pull out one of my earphones. Ugh, it’s just the air stewardess doing the usual review.

The stewardess has blonde hair in a ponytail, her make-up is naturally and her dress can tell she has a really nice body, unfortunately she is way too old for me.
When will I found love? Oh well, I am only 16. I have a lot “but what I really want I can’t find, cuz money can’t find me somebody to love.”
(Somebody to love – Justin Bieber)


I think we slowed the whole plane down because we just sat down when the air stewardess started the review and then we started to roll. I can hear Kimberly rustle and then she takes up a bag of chewing gum from her hand luggage, she also offered me.
- Can I talk two? Kimberly nod.
- Thank you. Kimberly just smiles back and put the chewing gum back in her bag. I throw them into my mouth, close my eyes as hard as I can and take a firm grip on the armrest. I have always been scared of flying, the time up in the air is okay, it’s the lifting and landing I hate. I can hear Kimberly laugh.
-Oh shut up.

Before I was able to think anymore we was safe up in the air and everybody starts to talk or what ever they are doing.
I fell asleep for an hour, I dreamed that I was flying by myself, without an airplane, trough the clouds.


When I woke up I had to go to the toilet, like really had to go, right now.
I run to the bathroom, if you can call it a bathroom, I run there anyway. Luckily it is empty, so it id just for me to walk in and lock the door.
When I come out there is two people in line, damn they were fast. I don’t notice the leg in the middle of the walk, blocking my way.

I notice the leg a million second before I stumble over it, I land on my hands an knees.
- You idiot! Keep your leg away from…
I turn around and look at the owner of the leg, damn. If it wasn’t Justin Bieber, it sure as hell looked a whole lot like him! He looks at me surprised and like he just woke up. He is wearing black jeans, a purple hood and matching purple sneakers. He looks like he didn’t hear what I said.


I wake up from my slumber by something hitting my leg real hard, oh, I must have accidentally put it out in the middle of the walk when I was sleeping. I look up and see a girl sitting down at the floor, first she looks really angry, then see looks into my eyes and start looking.. scared and surprised at the same time. Is it because she just fell or because she know who I am?
I pull out my headset and turn the music off.
- I’m so sorry..
- It’s okay, she says it really fast and quiet, I could almost not hear it, then she walks away, probably to her seat. Who was she?
She was kind of short, had long brown curly hair, green/blue eyes witch had beautiful make-up around them. I use to like girls with naturally make-up, but she looked very good in it, but you could also tell she would have been just as pretty without.
She had light blue jeans, a white top and a black cardigan, and on her head she also had a white hat.
How old is she? What’s her name? Where is she from? What is she going to do in Sweden? Does she live there? If she does, what were she doing in Canada?
Only way to be able to know, is to ask her. I need to know!


- Kimberly, Kimberly! I shake her a little bit to wake her up.

- What? She doesn’t even open her eyes. I’m sure she is thinking something like “what can be so important to say up in the air, that she couldn’t say before of at least after I woke up.”

- You need to wake up! Guess who’s leg I just tripped over! I yell it in Swedish so I won’t make a fool of myself again by making Justin hear me. Finally she opens her eyes, she looks at me blankly.

- I went to the toilet, on my way back I stumbled over someones leg and fell, guess whos! I talked very fast, and still in Swedish, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Kimberly didn’t understand.
- I have no idea, but I guess you are going to tell me soon.
I lean close to Kimberly and whispers;

- It wasn’t Zac Efron at the airport, it was JUSTIN BIEBER.
Kimberly stares at me with eyes big as footballs.
- Crazy Maddie high up in the air said she did what with Justin Bieber?!
- Schhh, don’t say his name that loud, he might hear you. He is only 3 seats in front of us! I have now started to speak English again.
Five minutes pass and all me and Kimberly does is starring at each other. Kimberly is shaking her head like “naaah, you are lying!” I just nod. Then I say;
- I swear it’s true, just as true as that my name is Madeleine Eva Annabell Kihlström.
- Hey excuse me, but I’m sorry for..

Me and Kimberly continues our starring session, but this time at the person who just spoked to us.
- I told you there would be another chance, Kimberly strains in Swedish.
- Excuse me, I would love to stay and chit chat but I have to run to the toilet.
Kimberly pushes past me and Justin and starts waling towards the toilet.
- Ehm, hey.
- Hey, is it okay if I sit down for a while?



gillar ni fina klipp hela tiden? inte? SKYLL DE!


finns ingen bättre video, men alla MÅSTE verkligen se denna video

och ja, min blogg är tråkig, men ni får ta mig tusan ta och skylla er själva som inte kommenterar !


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